About Leithal Designs

Leithal Designs was founded because we believe there is a better way to deliver the highest standard interior design service in an authentic and well-grounded way.

We’re passionate about the role that good design plays in creating inspiring and truly beautiful spaces that stand the test of time. We’re driven to deliver these spaces through a process and methodology designed to make your life easy during the build phase.

We see every project as an opportunity to bring your vision to life and give you the ultimate client experience. We achieve this by using a values-based approach that puts you and your goals at the centre of our process.

We show up and bring our values consistently to the table. In our experience using this approach, we know we can translate your visions into authentic, stylish, and functional spaces by design.

What does our values-based approach look like?

We are Creative

You’ll never see your design show up in another build or fit-out.

We are Collaborative

Our clients are at the centre of everything we do. 

We’re with you, every step of the way.

We have High Standards

We’re perfectionists too.

Every detail of your project is accounted for and is of the highest standard.

We are Resourceful

We thrive on coming up with innovative solutions to the natural challenges that arise in a build project.

Meet Sonia – Principal and Director of Leithal Designs

“I love seeing our client’s vision come to life.”


Sonia Leith is the Director and Principal Designer at Leithal Designs. 

With extensive know-how on the build process and project delivery, Sonia is renowned for delivering authentic, creative, and functional spaces and buildings that are tailored to each project’s unique needs. 

Over two decades, Sonia has developed a conscientious and intentional design process that underpins the Studio’s values-based approach and has gained Leithal Designs a reputation for the highest standards, reliability, and trustworthiness. 

Sonia has widespread knowledge in dealing with both small- and large-scale complex projects from bespoke residential renovations, commercial boutique retail fit outs to developments and applies the same meticulous methodology to each project.

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Why Choose Leithal Designs?

Design Experience

Our team has extensive experience in designing creative spaces and buildings that resonate with stakeholders. Our project portfolio demonstrates our success in delivering successful fit outs, refurbishments and built products. See a sample of our work here.

Our Values-Based Approach

With our comprehensive and conscientious values-based approach to each project, we’ve found that we can significantly reduce potential risks and budget blow-outs and quickly respond or capitalise on opportunities that comes up during the build process. 

Local Knowledge and Best Practice  

We know what works in South-East Queensland. We take the unique local environment, climate, local and state government legislation and approvals and energy needs into account. This ensures that your project is compliant and designed to stand the test of time.

A Focus on Sustainability  

Sustainable and environmentally responsible designs and refurbishments is essential.  The Leithal Design team understands the role of smart, functional design in the future of our planet, and all projects reflect this commitment to cost efficiencies and low-energy design.

A Committed, Creative Team 

The Leithal Design team is committed to the ultimate client experience and collaborates with our network of first-rate builders and services consultants to deliver creative solutions. We are constantly researching and learning new techniques and keep well-informed on current trends.